December marks an exciting time of year for everybody as it means the Christmas season is in full swing. It also means it’s time for Losani Homes’ annual Toy and Turkey Drive. A very special day hosted by Losani Homes for their team members, partners, associates, and their families. Every year proves to be a joyous day full of great food, laughter, and plenty of holiday cheer. This event captures what defines what matters most to the company perfectly while showing that fundamentally not much has changed since 1976. In fact, many of the attendees have ties to Losani that go back to the company’s inception some 40+ years ago. In fact, along with Nonna’s Cucina, a family owned and operated restaurant, the balance of the food is still prepared by Maria and Giovanni Losani. The company founders and family patriarchs. President and CEO, Lino and Fred Losani, along with charitable partner WE (formerly Free the Children), always use this day as a platform to spread awareness and reinforce the importance and duty we all have to give back both locally and internationally. Through this Toy and Turkey drive, over $3 million have been raised to feed local families in need while thousands of children had toys to open on Christmas morning.

WE are an international charity and education partner that believes in bringing people together and gives them the tools to change the world. They believe in doing good being doable, regardless of circumstance. Founded in 1995 by Thonhill’s Craig Keilburger, a then 11-year-old boy, WE stand today as the largest charity of its kind in the world. After unveiling this exciting new partnership in 2014, Fred and Lino Losani have gotten involved through the Adopt a Village campaign and have entirely funded massive medical, education, and water projects in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador as well as western Kenya.

Emotions run high every year during passionate presentations by Losani Homes’ ownership, the executive team, keynote speakers, and WE representatives. Losani Homes is proud to have aligned themselves with subtrades and partners who share their commit to facilitate tangible change in the developing world and better the lives of those in local communities. Please visit to see how you can get involved. Merry Christmas!