Losani Homes has always prided itself on its relationships with its charity partners which carry similar goals of not just building houses, but creating homes. Our continued commitment to providing parks, the conversation of brownfield sites, and preservation of natural lands can be demonstrated in each of our communities and will certainly continue to be showcased and shared with its new homeowners in the upcoming communities. Compounded with corporate charitable donations and direct contributions, Losani Homes continuously demonstrates its commitment to being permanent fixtures and a strong part of the communities we build.

Last year, with the assistance of the Hamilton Community Foundation, the Losani Family Foundation was created to help support our charitable efforts under one unified front giving efforts across a variety of sectors, both across Hamilton and most recently globally.

The Losani Family Foundation found the perfect partner in Free The Children, who shares its commitment to positively impact local and global communities through meaningful actions that facilitate tangible change in areas that need it most. Last year through the adopt a village campaign, Losani Homes directly contributed to a massive development project in Western Kenya that included building and sustaining a few crucial pillars of infrastructure which included, but were not limited to, education, a clean source of water, and housing. Not content to rest on its laurels, this year being the companies 40th in business, took it even further as several Losani family members flew to Ecuador and contributed directly in the construction of a brand new classroom within a village of 200 called Los Rios and a brand new state of the art medical facility in the neighboring village of Modena, a $1.2 million initiative. The medical facility will help service 12 000 people from surrounding villages deep within the Amazon jungle, and is to be named after the founders of Losani Homes Giovanni and Maria Losani. These small villages located off the Napo River have been forgotten by most, which is what made this initiative particularly rewarding, not just for those who directly took part, but for all staff and partners to be associated with such a noble cause. This was an indescribable experience shared amongst family and brought to fruition through the corporate vision that both family and team members share.