Is Paris the most charming small town in Ontario? Ask some of the locals and they’ll tell you how the cobblestone character of local historic homes gives Paris a flavor distinctly its own. The broad and steady Grand River brings a calm and measured pulse to everyday life that’s impossible to get anywhere else. It’s time to raise your expectations with more home and space for your money. Isn’t that Simply Grand?


Cobblestone character of local historic homes gives Paris a flavor uniquely its own. And the Grand River is the heart of the community. Everything you could need is right around the corner, from shopping to the hospital to great restaurants. It’s a perfect place to raise a family. Where kids can grow up at the slightly slower pace that only a true small town can offer. Where the city is just close enough for comfort. And the rhythm of the river changes with every season, year after year after year.



Timeless Traditional Architecture

  • 1 Classic brick and stone finishes
  • 2 Dramatic dark trim
  • 3 generouse transoms and sidelights
  • 4 Large format windows
  • 5 Traditional coverd porches
  • 6 Coach House-inspired garage doors

Classic Cateau Architecture

  • 7 Cateau inspired rooflines
  • 8 upscale stone & stucco finishes
  • 9 Classic window designs
  • 10 Cateau-inspired accent details
  • 11 Cateau gatehouse-inspired garage doors

Iconic modern Architecture

  • 12 Wood-style paneling
  • 13 generous transoms and sidelights
  • 14 Large format windows
  • 15 Dramatic Dark Trim
  • 16 Stone and smooth brick façade

Stately Tuscan Architecture

  • 17 Elegant rooflines
  • 18 upscale stone & stucco finishes
  • 19 Custom style deep tone windows
  • 20 Covered Tuscan porticos
  • 21 Tuscan-inspired garage doors
  • 22 Full glass doors with sidelights
  • as per plan
  • 23 precast sills and surrounds

Contemporary Townhome Architecture

  • 1 Dramatic colour palette
  • 2 Dark trim
  • 3 Smooth brick
  • 4 modern glass doors
  • 5 Offset window panes 6 Wood grained panel treatments



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