A Family Tradition

Steeped in a tradition of honesty and excellence, Losani Homes opened its doors as a builder in 1976. Founded by John Losani and his son Lino Losani, the company has been long renowned for its award-winning designs, meticulous workmanship and exceptional customer service. When younger son Fred Losani joined the team in 1985, the Losani picture was complete.

The Partners

Each of the company partners has a keen and wide knowledge of every aspect of the construction business. Together, they make a dynamic and unsurpassed building team. All masters of their individual trades, John's background lies in foundations and concrete and plaster work. Groomed in European fine craftsmanship, John is admired for his sincere and exacting approach to building. Lino, an excellent carpenter, is also a skilled and highly respected contractor. Onsite, Lino oversees the trade's people, offering his expertise in all phases of construction. Fred, who earned an honours degree in Business Administration, also has a master drain layers license and an electrical apprenticeship. Serving as the president of the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association in 1994, Fred is proficient in his administrative and managing responsibilities.

Great Locations & Excellent Value

This three-man family partnership compliments each other ideally. Together they choose near-perfect building locations and develop creative home designs, each offering their own unique insight into the project. And because they know the construction industry so intimately, the Losaniís are able to get the best possible price from trades people and suppliers. This cost-saving effort is passed on to the future home buyer in the form of a high quality, yet affordable finished product.

Outstanding Reputation

The proof of Losani Homes outstanding reputation is in the numerous awards they have won for their innovative home designs and service. In fact, this esteemed company was favoured with more awards in the last decade than any other builder in the area, culminating with a record eight wins for the year 1999, including the prestigious top builder award.

Recognized as a leader in the industry, Losani Homes has not wavered from its original traditional values. Dedication to creative home building and ultimate customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of the Losani Family's achievements in the past. This same commitment remains their driving force for the future.

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